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4500 dynamomètre à vitesse réduite de couple de t/mn 380V

Chine Seelong Intelligent Technology(Luoyang)Co.,Ltd certifications
Chine Seelong Intelligent Technology(Luoyang)Co.,Ltd certifications
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4500 dynamomètre à vitesse réduite de couple de t/mn 380V

4500 dynamomètre à vitesse réduite de couple de t/mn 380V
4500 dynamomètre à vitesse réduite de couple de t/mn 380V

Image Grand :  4500 dynamomètre à vitesse réduite de couple de t/mn 380V

Détails sur le produit:
Lieu d'origine: La Chine Luoyang
Nom de marque: SeeLong
Certification: CMC
Numéro de modèle: SMMC-250/4500
Conditions de paiement et expédition:
Quantité de commande min: 1
Prix: USD 32500dollar
Détails d'emballage: Boîte en bois de 1500mmF * 1000mm * 2000mm
Délai de livraison: 10 à 12 semaines
Conditions de paiement: T/T
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 10 ensembles par mois

4500 dynamomètre à vitesse réduite de couple de t/mn 380V

description de
Puissance: 250KW Chaîne de couple: 1592Nm
Gamme de vitesse: 4500rpm Exactitude de couple: 0.2%FS
Exactitude de vitesse: 0.1r/min Tension évaluée: 380V±10% 50Hz
La température de service: -20to45℃ Altitude d'utilisation: <2000m>

Dynamomètre du couple 0.2%FS


Dynamomètre de couple de 4500 t/mn


Dynamomètre de 4500 t/mn

 SMMC 250--315KW 4500rpm 0.2%FS High Torque Dynamometer




SMMC Series dynamometer is a special test equipment with low speed and high torque. The main task is to apply the load to the test piece. The dynamometer also has the function of driving the test piece.

Its main purpose is to test the performance of commercial vehicle engine, bus engine and marine engine. These samples have the characteristics of low speed and high torque output. SMMC realizes the accurate control of speed and torque through the efficient inverter system, and all test operations can be completed by computer control commands. At the same time, the high-speed data communication module makes the system have high real-time performance. SMMC Series dynamometer has the characteristics of small volume, small moment of inertia, zero speed torque output and high dynamic response.


Benefits at a Glance


  • Fast return on investment thanks to highly effi cient energy recovery
  • Low installation coststhrough compact cabinet dimensions and optimized mains requirements
  • High reliability due to robust motors
  • Best-in-class torque measurement accuracy and temperature stability



Technical Features


  • High torque output at low speed
  • It can be used as loading equipment and prime mover. It can drive and absorb power in both directions of rotation.
  • Measurement accuracy: speed ± 0.1 R / min; torque ± 0.2% FS
  • Overload capacity: 150% overtorque ≥ 10min, 200% overtorque ≥ 1min
  • At zero speed, the full load can be added, and the speed can be reduced to zero without torque attenuation, which can reach twice the full load in a short time.
  • Excellent loading performance: constant torque loading can be maintained from zero speed to rated speed, and constant power loading can be maintained above rated speed.
  • Low moment of inertia and high overload capacity make the dynamometer have high dynamic response speed, the dynamic response speed is less than 5ms



Specifications (Can be customized)


Model Power(KW) Torque(Nm) Rated Speed(rpm) Max Speed(rpm) Torque Measurement Accuracy
SMMC250 250 1768 1350 4500 0.2%FS
SMMC315 315 2128 1350 4500 0.2%FS
SMMC400 400 2829 1350 4000 0.2%FS
SMMC500 500 3537 1350 4000 0.2%FS
Can be customized          





Q:What’s the minimum order quantity for our cooperation?

A: We support small trail order of 1 pcs for stock products.

Q: How can I learn more about the products?

A: Please leave your email and we will send you your electronic sample book.

Q: What’s your payment term?

A: Normally 30% T/T deposit, pay in full before shipment.

Q:What’s the lead time for my orders?

A: Dynamometers production cycle is 6-8 weeks, sensors prodction cycle is 2-3 weeks, other products please contact with us.

Q: How do we get the overall solution of the test bench?

A: Leave us your email, our technical staff will communicate with you about the detailed plan.

Q:Can I come to visit your factory?

A: Sure, you are always welcome to have a visit.



About Us


SeeLong Intelligent Technology (Luoyang Henan) Co., LTD., is a professional production of automotive power system test equipment high technology services enterprises. SeeLong is located in the Peony City(famous for peonies) -- Luoyang, which is also the ancient capital of 13 dynasties.


Why Choose Us


After years of development and accumulation, the company has become a well-known powertrain test equipment production enterprises. Specializing in engine test, transmission test, energy storage test, controls and electric motor test and other test equipment research, development and production service. The company has established long-term cooperation with tsinghua university, Shandong university and many other domestic scientific institutions. We have successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality System certification, obtained a dozen of invention patents and two software copyrights. We have provided professional services and equipment for more than 100 users at home and abroad and which is ongoing now and will continue in the future.


Prospect of Cooperation


Friendly cooperation provides you both high quality products and long-term professional after-sales service.





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